Thursday, August 07, 2008

Daren't stop, I might fall off - and mixed emotions.

Well, back from a great little break with our friends in Scotland. I actually think they were a bit worried because all I mostly did was sleep, apart from getting up occasionally for a drink, bite to eat or venture out with the camera. It was a break that was the perfect antidote to the US trip and the spike down in Brighton.

I had my first full day in the office for a while and it's my last for a week or so, just prior the trip out to Leipzig, when finally I can chill out and slow down and get used to my desk again.

There's a ton of exciting stuff going on at work and it'll be really great when we can talk about it.

Tomorrow heralds a trip of a different kind, a stag-do with some mates from Sheffield/Leeds. I love Galway and am very much looking forwards to a great weekend with them - and see Chris Waring "off" in style, as well as spend time with old friends John Li, Gordon Hall and the other R*Leeds lot - as well as old mucker and popular industry-story sidekick, "The Reynolds".

On a personal note, the family is pretty worried about Monty, our old cat, who's missing and I know he's not been himself. I know he's probably not long for the world but I'd rather we helped it be as comfortable as possible - not knowing where he is, isn't cool.

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