Sunday, August 24, 2008

End of the road - I can finally stand still...

Fortunately the bad luck of the travel last Tuesday didn't get in the way of what, on balance, seems to have been a hugely positive trip out to Leipzig/Game Connection. We had a bunch of very good meetings and as ever, even perhaps more than ever, spent a lot of good time with some great people. I've certainly got a bit of work to do in the follow ups later this week, but I'm always happier with plenty to get my teeth stuck into - and by that I don't mean a succession of pints =)

The trip ended pretty boozily in the traditional night out in Prague, which didn't disappoint, going on until almost 6am, which meant for a pretty tiring trip home early in the morning (the flight check in was 7.30am!). That was on the back of a spectacular game of Perudo with the Wavertree Sony boys (aided and abetted by a few others) which left everyone nursing sore heads and stomachs on the Friday. I also managed to publicly humiliate one of the worlds leading publisher's US VP's by taking over from a street masseuse as he sat at an outdoor bar, the photos of him in ecstasy whilst assuming it was an attractive girl giving him a nice massage are up on the web somewhere and everyone was in hysterics. He took it pretty well, all considered... great fun.

On other news, I went and bought a car today, putting an end to weeks of thought and pouring over web searches. I'd been to see one yesterday but finally decided on a BMW 6-Series 45ci Cabriolet, 2nd hand (given the ridiculous residual loss when new) and I get it Wednesday, I can't wait. I just have to sort the insurance and other stuff out (including transferring the T17 plate and selling the Jag).

Tomorrow it's bank holiday and I'll be off to the Pride in Ossett for it's annual beer festival... might get silly.

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