Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome to Hell(sinki)

As usual pre-trip, I'm up too early - a mixture of anxiety about sleeping in and missing the flight and thinking about the trip itself. 

This time it's Helsinki, Finland where I have a business meeting on Friday morning before I fly back on Friday afternoon. That makes for a very short overnight trip, but knowing the Finns it'll involve a nice meal and more than a few drinks in the evening when I arrive as I'm meeting up with a few old Finnish muckers.  I'll need to get a beer coat on only for the fact that it's allegedly going to be -9 over there, I don't care about that so much, more the fact that it's pretty windy - I hate windy take-offs on the plane.

I'd imagine that this trip also wraps up the year in terms of travel with it being just 5 weeks to Xmas day although I've done all my xmas shopping (the ones that count, for the wife) but I need to sort out a new bike for Jack. 

I like the Finnish people, they've got a great appetite for fun and just don't stop. Just as well it's one night then...

Looking back it's been another fast, busy year, with a lot of travel under my belt and the jokes about my carbon footprint getting ever larger, especially after the purchase of my non-green motor. I imagine it'll be similar next year too, but maybe not as hectic perhaps, given there's no big family US tour planned (although I greatly appreciated the holiday) - we're booked for birthday Galway again though and there's the usual smattering of trade events that just won't go away.

2009 also brings quite a few Team17 published titles with it and we'll be on with the PR for those in the new year. On a week when Worms for XBLA went back to the top of the weekly chart, on the back of it being discounted to a ridiculous 400pts.

Kippis! (As the Finns say)

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