Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twain now awwiving at Wetford.

Its not often a coach load of people on a train break out laughing simultaneously, but the genius of the North Eastern line hiring a guy with a lisp is to be cherished, particularly as it slows into Retford on a sunny Wednesday morning.

Thing is he said it loud and "pwoud" as he confidently announced that the "Twain was now awwiving into Wetford. Wetford next stop. This is Wetford". It was very funny seeing peoples eyes go wide and eyebrows raise up on the first Wetford, mouths open on the second and everyone piss themselves in unison at the third when everyone realised that they had really heard it.

Perhaps Porky Pig does work on a train after all.

It's finished up a good 24hrs or so for me, after the radio & TV PR yesterday, then down to London for the London Games Conference, then beers with old mucker Mick Morriss and friends (including Gareth the posh geordie) in a very swanky private members club late on. Even Leeds managed an emphatic 4-0 away win.

Am currently still on the twain, heading for Wakefweild then the Eurogwamer conwerence.

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