Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Freshening up the blog.

New year, new energy.

This blog was previously called 'Halfway Through' given I was around 40 when I started it.

However, it seems that on a daily basis, heroes are going in their 60's so maybe 80 is a bit of an ask. Seems crazy to think it's only 16years to that point, when my eldest will be 33 - when 20years at Team17 went by in a flash.

So, with that in mind and my impending 44th birthday in January 2011, it's time to grab life by the balls.

I'll be updating here more often, particularly since I have quite a bit of travel coming up, starting tomorrow when I fly to Toronto, where my long-time friend Andy Davies is getting married. I'm best man and semi-official photographer, so I'll have my hands full, if only keeping the imitable Scott Simpson at bay.

I'd actually hoped to spend a few more days in Canada this time rather than the 4/5 day jaunt, but I'm sure I'll get chance to go back, maybe to Scott's hometown, Ottawa, next time. I've only ever been to western Canada before, to Vancouver, which I liked a lot and have very fond memories.

I've decided to really get my arse into gear in terms of photography and take plenty of images, some will be through the Blackberry and hopefully a lot with my decent DSLR (Nikon D7000).

In the meantime, stay tuned and apologies for the way the blog petered out before, a mixture of being so busy, some degree of apathy and life in general played it's part in it's slow and painful winding up.

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Bloopy said...

It certainly looks like MB is returning with a vengeance: