Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two decades of history.

Rooting through my old office drawers, rummaging through personal effects and then the hoard of stuff I'd stored in the warehouse over the years ensured a ton of memories came flooding right back.

I expected to be slightly emotional, but oddly, I wasn't at all. It just felt that I'd finally dotted the i's and crossed the T's. In truth, I guess I'd mentally divorced myself from the place a little while ago and if anything it's made me stronger.

The real test will be sharing a drink with many of my former colleagues next month. Colleagues who became - and continue to be - very close, hopefully life-long friends - and it's those people I'll miss most from the incredible time I had over two very short decades.

Great people, great times.

I'll drink to that, if only because I'm such a lucky bastard, it's happening all over again. They say lightning doesn't strike twice, but I've seen cases where it happens three or four times, so let's see eh?

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