Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beware the yoghurt of doom

Lately I've mostly been eating Yoghurts.

That might not sound fanciful to you, but after 39 years of clear avoidance of such foodstuffs, it's come as a bit of a shock to me to find I actually do like them (assuming the flavour is in the right ballpark).

How did it happen? Well, in the first place I've had this kind of avoidance of dairy products ongoing for many years - probably first kicked off when I was about 2-3 and ate half a bar of butter and was ill. Then another time when I went to get a drink of milk, started to drink it and well, you know, it looked more like Yoghurt than milk. I think since then, I've not had a drink of milk OR been able to look at a Yoghurt with a sensible look on my face.

But, this diatbetes thing does odd things to your mind - and just as I broke my butter intolerance on a flight back from Oslo once (half pissed/hungover) because I was so hungry and the in-flight meal had a cracker and some Lurpak butter... I ate a Yoghurt on a flight coming back from San Francisco. One spoonful... then a tentative second... and soon it was over - the shackles were off.

I still don't fancy the idea of creme freche, but hey, progress is progress.

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