Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Quack Quack!

My inaugral trip to the Diabetic Clinic went swimmingly well, it seems that I've been a good boy and got a good momentum on getting things under control. Contrary to wider speculation, my liver and kidneys appear fine and my blood pressure was good too. They were dead pleased about things, which is good - although I've had my medication upped to ensure I can really get on the top of it. More meds equals the potential of "the squits" so, ahem, look out below.

I did feel sorry for the doctor who did all kinds of odd things with my feet (since Diabetes can cause foot problems) and it's a good job I wasn't like the Finnish artist we had who has a foot fetish or I'd have walked out there with a "lob on".

They were that pleased, I thought they were going to give me a badge or a balloon, but I got nothing, just a prescription for more tablets.

I was late for the appointment too, but just acted all confused and they let me off. Being absent minded relating to meeting times is apparently not a side-effect of my medication or wider symptom of diabetes.

I'm back at the clinic at the hospital (the diabetic, not STD one) in a week or so where I'd anticipate a similar response to the one I had today. I'm likely to be invited back for check ups every 6 months or so and possibly yearly if my blood sugars are totally under control (I just have a few spikes here and there right now).

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