Friday, April 07, 2006

Guitar Hero Day

Well the European launch day has at last arrived for quite the most fun PS2 title in bloody years. I've been lucky enough to have imported this around Xmas time (it was a big hit at my new years party) and I now have 2 guitars for jamming with pals.

Guitar Hero is quite the best £50 at retail you could spend (other than on a Mac iBook, DS Lite and MicroKorg, obviously) so what are you waiting for. For my money it knocks Singstar and Buzz into a cocked hat, it's by FAR the best peripheral game ever created and I can't wait for additional music releases for it.

I've been lucky enough to secure a set for the Studio from Red Octane and this is being ritually abused on a lunchtime, no more can the sounds of COD2 be heard from the design dungeon, but that of Bowie, Queen, Motorhead, Sabbath etc.

I've also recieved Outrun 2006 for the PSP from Sega today (been looking forward to that) and it still remains unwrapped due to me being half-way through a challenge on Worms PSP :-) I'll get around to playing it later today. I also got Tycoon City: New York and Dungeon & Dragons online freebies from Atari (sometimes I really love my job) this morning so I'll get around to playing those too at some point.

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