Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gadget race is over, it seems...

With 2 gadgets winging their way from Asia to me, I've been tracking them on the web with avid interest. I've really been hoping that both wouldn't turn up on the same day and give me all kinds of mental problems regarding which to lavish attention upon.

Well, it seems that LikSang have done the business again and my DS-Lite will be here Monday morning, which I'm quite excited and delighted about. I'm really looking forward to playing Advance Wars Dual Strike and Mario Kart against my eldest.

It seems that my Mac should turn up in the middle of the week and looks to have been shipped by Donkey from somewhere in China at the manufacturing plant. In fact, Apples "estimated delivery" time has done a rough mock of a Microsoft loading estimation and has steadily gone down from the 4 weeks it initially predicted, spiking up again once but now settling on the 12th, which I make as Wednesday. I've already got one of those cool "mighty mouse" mice waiting for it... if you haven't seen those, they've got a brilliant 360degree button on top and whilst it looks like a one button mouse, it isn't - but that's apple style/design I guess.

On another small point, which is ironic in a way, Leeds Utd failed to deliver yet again today and my apathay about something I once held so passionate and dear to me continues to fade. After going through the excitement of the late 90's/early 2000's as a mature fan (after struggling in my younger days the last time Leeds were in the 2nd division) it's come as a real hammer blow the last few years. Simply put, I just have better things to do and think about - although I really really miss the crack with the lads I used to go to games with (and pubs, obviously). I had the idea 4 years back to stop going to games and use the home/away thing as a pub fixture... unfortunately only a few saw the validity in my argument and I was really deadly bloody serious!

Oh well, Leeds look like they're in the Championship play-offs and lets hope they don't make it because they'll carve embarrassment a new arsehole if they go up...

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