Monday, April 10, 2006

Cold snap won't end!

It's a real bugger, but waking up to sunlight and thinking it's a lovely spring morning only to find it's about -3 still isn't very impressive. I'm really looking forward to this late cold spell ending and things warming up. 15/16 would be nice... am looking forward to getting out on my bike.

I go to E3 4 weeks tomorrow and I'd like to hope that it's at least someway decent when I get back since i've got lots of work to do in the garden at home (staining fences/decking, sorting stuff out - clearing my garage out etc) - all the dull stuff.

Speaking on E3 we're hopeful that we'll get to demo Worms on 360 Live Arcade, which would be really cool - it's a title that we have good hopes for on that format. It's also the first title we've self-published for ten years.

I also had a wayward week regarding the Diabetes/Diet stuff. On Friday I had a pizza, Saturday a rather large Chinese meal and on Sunday a nice dinner. Fortunately my blood sugar isn't high as a result (it's just outside normal range) so I seem to have survived it all. I need to get back on with the diet stuff though, since I still need to drop a few pounds.

I spent most of the weekend doing spring-cleaning in the house, which was a bit dull but needs must. We watched Narnia with the kids last night who got besotted with the two beavers in it. I thought the film was ok but a bit anti-climatic, I guess after the Lord of the Rings trilogy it's a hard act to follow.

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