Monday, April 10, 2006

DS Lite arrives

Firstly, I'm happy that my DS-Lite has arrived, but was a bit dis-chuffed to notice 3 "dead/stuck pixels". Apparently there is an average of 2-6 per DS-Lite so not much I can do about them, although one in particular (bottom left central) is quite annoying as it's pretty bright - and all 3 show up on black screens - however as with all these things, they don't tend to over annoy when you're actually playing, which is the main thing really.

I've got similar problems on the PSP but they don't look quite as bad as they do on the DS-Lite.

Anyway, at least I can now play the DS in public :-) I've got a nice white one and I'd expect these units to fly off the shelves in Europe/USA, once they become available - there's a marked difference in not only style but screen brightness/quality too.

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