Monday, April 10, 2006


Hmm, there I am pretending for the most part to be not very geeky where I can help it, avoiding Industry geeky-get-togethers and stopping drinking real ale... but then I read back 2 or 3 of my web-log entries (that's uber geeky for a start) and realise that I'm bitching on about dead pixels, Internet tracking, synths and bloody battery charge on iMac's. Just what the hell happened to me - and when. I admit I'm a bit geeky then. :-o

Most "anti-geek" (but is geek) goes to Paul Kilburn in the T17 office who despite working with pcs, consoles and video games for over 10 years pronounces himself as "in no way, a geek". He's wrong, anyone who works in video games has at least some geek pedigree.

Here's to geek's then. Like my type II diabetes, it's controllable :-)

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