Saturday, April 15, 2006

I've taken up fencing...

Unfortunately not the foil and eppe kind, but the painting of. As I stride manfully through my list of spring-cleaning jobs, gently racking up brownie points with the missis, sorting out and tidying the garden is current on my agenda - I stopped early as we were besieged by visitors from around 4pm and now, 3hrs later it's getting dark and the day has lost the warmth it had earlier - probably the first short-sleeve weather we've had all year.

I've also got to bob out tomorrow and buy more fence paint since I did the classic move of simply not buying enough and I hope they have some more in stock (of the same colour!) since otherwise it'll mean driving around to different B&Q's. I also bought the stain for my deck and also some stain for our garden table - hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow and I can crack on with it.

Surprisingly little to no hangover this morning despite 4 bottles of red-wine going down, two of which I probably accounted for. We had a delivery of Domino's pizza too - the Tandori chicken one going down most favourably - highly recommended. Our friends came early evening and left around 10pm meaning that we didn't really get to the whisky, which in all honest is probably a good thing! I was quite happy to find that my blood-sugars were ok this morning despite all the pizza and wine - that always makes me feel good.

Poor old Harry, my youngest son of 4 (soon the be 5) is also asking about his sandpit - I've not the heart to tell him it's currently winging its way to a landfill site along with the rest of the junk I took to the recycling centre earlier in the day!

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