Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Friday

Well, with half of my bank-holiday spring-cleaning jobs "in the bank" it's time to relax. Some friends and their kids are due any minute and the cork's already out of the Rioja. It's 4.30pm and with 3 bottles on the side and a bottle of Grouse as back-up, anything could and probably will, happen.

We'll most likely chill for a while and grab some exotic take out later before having all of the booze. I'll wager one of Singstar, Buzz Music or Guitar Hero will be out before the night ends.

I also managed to take a chunk out of the wall where our stairs lead up, since i was hoovering the stairs and the rather heavy Dyson hoover came plummeting down, missing me (fortunately) but punching a right old hole in the wall, which I've already filled ready for painting tomorrow :-) Another job to do...

I've also been online looking at Gazebo's since I quite fancy a covered Gazebo up on our decking, it'll mean I can probably get the pool table out there. Given the rubbish Summer weather we get, it might be a good call. I certainly plan to get one or two of those gas-burner things. Last year was rubbish, I think we only bbq'd twice but we plan a summer bbq party this year for friends/family.

So far, a bank holiday in the UK without rain - how odd!

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