Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mac to the future!

Well, the iBook arrived and I've now got everything up and running. I must say that using it is a real pleasure and really very refreshing after so many years of Windows related "cludge" (although I admit that XP is sort of "getting there").

The mac Tiger O/S really does look and feel the part and I'm really liking the ibook already. Don't worry, I've not totally relegated the PC Laptop just yet, since I'll be using that for my PC gaming while the Spec still holds up (perfectly fine for Warcraft and other stuff). I also had to dive on it last night since I needed to open up a Powerpoint file and Office for Mac won't arrive for another few days.

I also took the time out to clear my iPod and sort all that out. It works seamlessly with iTunes and that's all well and good. I'll get around to filling up the iPod with some music again - most probably inspired by the very great Guitar Hero, so lots of heavy rock, AC/DC, Guns & Roses to accompany my main diet of Pink Floyd, Travis, Blondie, Supertramp, Madonna and Paul Weller (and odd mix, I think you'll agree).

The only problem the Mac has given me is that I've now even more time diversions on my hand and so little time to go round. The other night I was on MSN with a mate until 1.30am-ish and sank quite a bit of Jack Daniels, this had the effect of me going onto and ordering a bunch of games and DVD's - which is what I'm prone to doing when chilled out. Seems my mate suffers from the same "problem" and his 26 or so pages of "order history" on Play are testament to it. I can only boast about 14 pages of order history but I do shop elsewhere for other stuff.

This weekend is a long one since it's Easter and there's two UK bank holidays to encounter. I'm not sure what, if anything, we'll be doing yet since the weather forecast looks crappy (cloud, wind, rain, not warm enough to venture anywhere interesting) but we'll see what happens. It'll probably give me chance to sort out a bunch of jobs her-indoors has been nagging me about - oh the joy of spring-cleaning the garden and garage! :-/ Rock and bloody roll.

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