Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Progress and goodies

Finally :-) my battle with BT is over and it seems that my mum will get broadband after all, it only took another 20mins tussling with them on the phone this morning - and thanks to Lucy (who seemed far more capable than those I spoke to previously) was able to manage things reasonably effortlessly. If only all of the people at the "helpdesk" were as efficient I wouldn't need to get so hung up about it. Anyway, from next week she's going to be thrust into the web and more likely than not I'll suffer from endless phonecalls of sentances beginning "How do I..." - just what have I done?

Also, my iBook arrived today and very happy I am with it, I'm really looking forward to getting home and setting it all up and getting it all working happily with my other data, devices and suchlike. Because it's a Mac, all the software is new and shiny which makes exploring it all very interesting and new - which is cool after so many years of Windows. I swore I wouldn't look at games or anything for it, but my good mate at Sports Interactive (now a wholly owned subsiduary of Sega) sent me a copy for the Mac in addition to PSP Handheld for the PSP and also Football Manager for the 360. What a nice man, despite the vulgarity of his wealth ;-)

I believe Kilburn is also taking bets on the first place I'll leave it or lose it. Cheers.

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