Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Skys the limit, one and two...

Part one: Here.

Well, believe it or not (the weather forecaster's wouldn't) - on the very weekend Rico ups sticks and goes back to Sweden, we have great weather.

For me, this meant back in the garden to pretty much finish off my staining exercises (and remember we're talking decking/fences, not undergarments) and also along to B&Q to get some more gas for my barbeque. I know gas barbeques could be considered cheating, but hey, I've said it before - life's just too short.

So in clear skies, I painted, stained and varnished and the kids played with their mates. All in short sleeves. Great! It just seems such a very long time since that occured. Now I've got to get my backside in gear and get out on my bike, which I got a couple of months back in order to help with the diabetes thing...

Part Two: There.

I just got an email inviting me to a party in West Hollywood, at the Skybar in the Mondrian on Sunset Strip when I'm over at E3 in a couple of weeks. Best thing is that we're staying only a short walk away so we'll really look forward to being there - the Skybar is a fantastic place - especially when it's a free bar too :-) I've been a few times before and once had a meal there sat right next to Paris Hilton, with JK from Jarimoquai frolicking in the pool and even Craig David buggering about. However the best time was when Garry Williams, UK games industry legend did a "bomb" into the amazing pool, splashed all the american diners and stood up in the shallow end to annouce "it's great in here, you don't have to get out for a piss". I'm not sure he's actually been back in again.

Sometimes I really bloody love my job.

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