Monday, April 24, 2006

Growing up fast

Today, my youngest son (Harry - 5 next month) starts full time education. He's been going since September on part-time hours (as they do when they start around here) but now he's there all day. This may not seem like something out of the ordinary, but it's the little things like this that remind you that time is shooting by and they're growing up fast.

It'll also make for a slightly easier life; both our kids can be collected at the same time now, their grandmothers aren't busy looking after him most of the time and more importantly, his development both mentally and socially will rocket forwards - and it's not bad to begin with.

When I found out I'd got the diabetes thing I began walking them to school on a morning (exercise really helps my metabolism); it's about a mile or so round trip and coming back, it's a fair walk up a large hill. Rain or shine we tend to do it and as well as giving us exercise, it's a good time for dad-sibling chat.

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