Monday, April 24, 2006

Next Generation Top Trumps

Well, after a slow start it now looks like the studio is about to embark on different projects for all 3 next-generation game consoles. This is pretty exciting as you can imagine and adds further to the range of interesting stuff we've got going on.

Our first project should be available on 360 later in the year where we hope it will be very warmly recieved and most likely (at this juncture) to be followed by something on PS3. A longer term creation for Nintendo's Revolution should follow in 2007.

Add to that work we're still doing on PSP, DS and also PS2 and we're a pretty busy studio right now. There's always a bit of excitement when we get Next-Gen hardware in and the 360 was the first on that front, but there's a lot of interest internally in the PS3 (for obvious reasons) & Revolution for the controller mechanism.

I've got a couple of meetings planned this week; a publisher is visiting Wednesday and a bunch of us are going to visit a studio in Manchester on Thursday.

Next week is another 4 day week due to the May-Day "celebrations" which usually entail a family outing and then a drink-fuelled evening somewhere, which will most likely happen because a good mate of mine is coming over - and Rico's back in town.

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