Thursday, April 27, 2006

Smoking jacket required

I had the temerity to suggest to a mate of mine that I updated my blog whilst I'm having my "morning coffee" yesterday. It's true, I bloody do. So what? You might think. (That's an actor called Mark Wenzel, not me... I borrowed him to illustrate this point - I'll pop him back later).

This, in his eyes, was a disgrace. No cup of Yorkshire Tea, instead I'm suddenly pictured on the veranda, with smoking Jacket, cup of slowly filtering high quality south american Java and winsome melodies playing in the background.

Actually I'm in the front room, perched on my footstool, busily typing on the ibook, having just quickly quaffed a cup of instant nescafe. But, I guess I'm fair game - nobody can really mention much to me without me taking the piss, but I thought "having a morning coffee" was reasonably normal behaviour. Especially for me.

Crisis at home... Doctor Brown to the rescue!

We endured a mini crisis in the house last night when I got home; poor Harry had fallen at school and got a couple of splinters in his thumb. He wasn't best pleased and in fact "hysterical" would be a reasonable term. It took an hour or so to calm him down and then soak his splinter-laiden thumb before teasing the offending sharp piece of wood out with one of my sharp lancets. Poor little blighter. He kept maintaining that his thumb was now "broken" but he tends to use extreme explanations for everything, I'm not sure where he gets that from.

Calm down
Off to Liverpool first thing this morning with Kilburn to see our friends at Wavertree (SCEE) and then on to Manchester where we'll run into Jon Oldham and his pals over at Silverback Studios. I imagine there might be a drink involved, but we'll try and escape without too much damage - it's Kilburn's daughter's birthday and after his shenanigans last friday and with his E3 trip looming, I dare say that he can't rock the boat too much. At least it's not me - for a change.

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