Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A day off. Almost.

After a fairly heavy drinking night with a couple of pals, I decided to use up one of my days and take it easy. With E3 coming up, I could do with a bit of idling.

After my mates left before lunch, the afternoon turned into more of a "work from home" session with MSN and my mail being pretty busy, sorting out meetings for E3 and discussing several game pitches we're involved with. I did manage to sneak out and collect the kids from school so I did something kind of useful.

My mate only lasted 'til 10pm though - he usually works 3am-12pm or something, so it's fairly understandable. We had to cab it home and drop him off before going back into the city.

Speaking of which, I have to say just how sad it is to see Wakefield as a drinking place these days - after growing up in and around the place - and now having travelled fairly widely, I can see it for what it is - and that's not something pleasant. I rarely venture down there these days and it's really lost whatever it had some years back - and I don't think that's a case of me getting old, it's a case of the place going to the dogs.

Anyway, next time I get together with my pal, it'll be up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, which is somewhere really nice...

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