Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Going Dutch!

Today and tomorrow we're being visited by a motley crew of Dutch developers called Two Tribes, who we're collaborating with on a project right now. The guys did a really great version of Worms on the N-Gage deck and we've struck a good relationship ever since.

We've had one of two major meetings today and we're going out to wet the deal's head tonight and enjoy what will hopefully be a fine meal at Akbar's Indian Restaurant in Leeds which will be followed by some beers and probably a shindig at "Discoteque" later where it's the "F*%k it, let's party" night.

Sore, there will be sore-heads all round tomorrow and there's only costings and milestones to agree...

Had a good conference call with another publishing partner today and thats something we're quietly excited about and looks set to be our first full next-gen content, not counting Worms for XBox Live Arcade 360.

Oh and nearly forgot - I got a reasonably good report from the medical staff at the Diabetic centre, so hopefully I'll soon be off short term checks and onto annual check-ups. Moderation is my middle name now ;)

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