Sunday, May 14, 2006

I left my Blackberry in San Francisco...

Not quite the song I had in mind as we got into the taxi and headed back to San Francisco airport. It's also given Kilburn new office material since he tends to enjoy the fact that I've on occasion lost a phone or two. Fortunately I have all my contact data backed up, the phone has been reported and blocked too. Device wise, we're sat at "2 all" since I've broken a camera and lost a Blackberry, Kilburn lost his MP3 player and his GBA, suggesting that airport security stole them when we left LA. Theft is still technically a loss.

We had a great weekend in San Francisco, on Saturday we drove over the Golden Gate to Sausolito, and Stinson Beach. I've got some pictures taken with the new camera and I'll get them up on my album. We've also started shopping in earnest, with the Levi store in particular getting a hammering - its great with the dollar currently being weak against the pound. I've also now got 4 bags and we've still got to shop in Santa Monica...

As for San Francisco it grows on me every time I visit, I really love the place and I need to think about bringing the family out here - every time I come I feel I'm only ever skimming the surface and it's got so much going for it in every way.

I'm currently sat in the airport and we fly in an hour to Los Angeles, with an evening at Venice Beach to look forward to. We're hooking up with Dylan from Demonware and the Dutch guys again - we'll watch the venice loonies and enjoy a few games of Perudo no doubt. We fly home tomorrow night but there's plenty of time to do a bit of shopping first. I'm going to see if I can see Larry David walking about to... that'd really make my day!

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