Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bad connection

After boasting yesterday to Kilburn that all the flights had all gone well we got hit with the sucker punch and missed the last connecting flight home to Leeds from Heathrow as the Virgin flight from L.A. was delayed. Bugger. We now have 3 hours to wait after an 11hr flight, neither of us are particularly energetic and it's now Tuesday night... jet-lag won't be far behind.

As usual, I got very little sleep on the plane despite being totally shattered - at least I can get straight to bed when I get home and try and get back onto normal hours, we've just lost a couple of nights in the last week - which causes this Jet Lag thing. At least our bags turned up (they didn't after GDC in March) and there was space on the next plane back to Leeds at 9.00pm.

Our last evening in L.A. was spent on Venice beachfront and in the Kings Arms in Santa Monica with the Dutch lads. Then on Monday we shopped until we almost dropped around Santa Monica's 3rd street promenade and god knows how much I spent on all kinds of stuff - and I had to really resist spending more.

I bought an "ecosphere" for my youngest son, it's a little glass orb filled with various things and little shrimp things - it's totally enclosed and doesnt need feeding. A most amazing little present - or would have been had I not knocked it onto the floor and smashed it 10mins before our airport taxi was due to arrive. Fortunately (and at additional expense) I went and got another on the way back to the airport...

Well, that's E3 over and done with for another year - tiredness aside it's been a great trip and now it's a matter of chasing everything up and getting on with the work - and sorting out my expenses (I still haven't done them from the GDC trip). I go on holiday next week and there's Jon Oldham's leaving party and the small matter of a Championship play-off final to arrange.

But right now I could do with a kip.

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