Wednesday, May 17, 2006


If I hate one thing about E3 (and to be fair, it's not really all E3's fault) is the week or so of total knackeredness that follows it.

It's the fact that you tend to burn the candle at both ends (or in my case, incinerate it with TNT) and lose 2 nights sleep in a week as well as do about 40hrs travel and 10miles walking, all of it tends to leave you very worldly weary and all wishy-washy. It takes me a full week to get back to normal - whatever normal is.

I've only had half a day in the office (after going back to bed at 7am, after I'd woke up at 4am) and I am finding it hard to muster any real sense of concentration. The only positive is that most of the people I need to follow up with are in the same boat.

I've also got some hassle to sort (lost Blackberry, insurance claim on broken camera) and there's no way I have the energy to do that today. I did manage to get a room booked for Sunday's play-off final and also a lift organised, so that's all well and good. Any plan that doesn't involve me personally driving is a good one right now.

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