Tuesday, May 09, 2006


We're now just settling into our home just off sunset for the next few days. Its been a long day thankfully made easier by the fact that the plane was only half full, allowing us to grab a bunch of legroom we hadn't bargained on.

The virgin inflight entertainment was top notch, not that I needed it personally with my mac lasting the whole 10hr flight comfortably on 2 batteries.

We'd had a couple of pints before boarding in Heathrow so spirits were high. Even caught glimpse of Jeff Minter in the pub sporting his usual llama cardie. We also had a pint with Jon Hare who we'll hook up with later.

We also queued up in immigration behind x-factors Simon Cowell (my mother would have been impressed) but other than that it was mostly all the same old uk games scene faces - more of whom we'll see at the uk trade + industry event this evening (and later at the red rock bar on the strip).

Time to chill, change and eat now - we're on USA pacific time some 8hrs behind and despite already being up for 20hrs, its early afternoon here!

More later - and photos when I hook the mac up to the net.

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