Friday, June 30, 2006

Brownie points a-cookin'

Its fair to say that on occasion, I sometimes struggle to muster many brownie points at home.

Even when I manage (more by luck than management to be fair) to garner some points at home I usually manage to bring the roof down by some wanton act of stupidity within hours.

So now, with me away in Vegas, "working" (really, no - r e a l l y) I've booked the family for a trip away to London/Windsor next weekend and we're off to Legoland (++ brownie points).

On top of that, my good mate Miles has managed to bag 3 tickets for the missis (and her 2 big pals) for the Robbie Williams concert (despite failing to get her some underpants or other such tawdry item). (+++++ brownie points)

I've got to try and control myself now for just a few days. I'm sure I can manage it.

I've only slept for 3hours or so (I went to bed at 4am) but I feel ok - I'll probably be really tired later when we go out in Vegas, but we'll see. I think we're off shooting glocks and AK-47's later.

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