Friday, June 30, 2006

Chuck a duck

With 2 days of meetings done, there's a positive air since talks have gone very well on a project we're working on. Today was spent with a top Hollywood writer/actor going over how we are going to incorporate his work into a project - we discussed which voice talent we were looking to use and it got rather surreal with names like Michael Keaton and even bloody Chuck Norris bandied about. Things are shaping up to be very exciting on what's our biggest project to date.

Otherwise, things in Vegas are fine, we've only really had a few hours to knock about and I spent most of it consuming Gin and discussing the finer points of cheese and red wine to a barmaid (apparently). It's red-hot outside (around 40degrees - 30 or so at night) so we're not spending much time outside.

With half a day left of meetings, it'll soon be time to kick back and get ready for the World Cup quarter finals, which are on at 8.00am on Saturday - we'll be in the Crown & Anchor early doors.

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