Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Landed... but only just!

Thanks to the pilot of BD751 Manchester to Las Vegas, June 27th 2006, a few more people got wary of air travel. Suffice to say that we had a very anxious landing onto (eventually) the Northbound runway, having made a last second abortion of a landing on the east runway.

The pilot blamed bad information from Vegas air traffic control and also the hot weather (sounded a bit like the UK "leaves on the line" excuse) but due to the "benefit" of us having a "nose-cam" feed, we could see the bizarre angle of approach the pilot made and there was also the lack of an undercarriage opening... we pulled up and accellerated away at the last minute - which was quite concerning, especially after we'd spent a turbulent 20mins or so dropping large distances in the sky, so much so that people we're trying to get up to the toilet and were scanning the seats for airsick bags. John Dennis was green. I mean really green.

I think everyone was very relieved to get off the plane and within 45 mins of immigration and baggage control we were out into the baking heat (around 38degrees) of the Nevada desert and on our way to check into the Monte Carlo.

We had a very steady day, mostly because of the journey, a few drinks (including some corking margarita's) and a nice chinese meal at PF Changs. Nobody had a gamble and I think we all hit the rooms by about 10pm (rock and roll eh) but we'd been up around 30hrs...

Also, we had a guinness at "Nine Fine Irishmen" the pub in New York New York hotel, but I thought there was something wrong with it and wouldn't drink it (suffice to say Kilburn is feeling off it this morning...)

We have 3 days of meetings to look forward to, with the first kicking off in little over an hour.

I'll try and get some photos taken at some point.

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