Friday, June 16, 2006

Carry on camping...

Well, it's my eldest son's birthday tomorrow. Jack is 9 and tonight he's having two mates round and they'll be having a camping adventure in the back-garden. I expect at least two visits from the police, 3 from irate neighbours complaining about the noise and finally, them all to be back in the house at midnight grumbling about food, the cold, the light, scary noises, wind or bats (which we get occasionally). We'll see how they go - it's certainly preferable to having them in the house, shouting and carrying on.

Yesterday I watched the dreadful England v Trinidad game and we managed to win by a flukey (cheating) goal by stick-man Crouch and then a great goal by Gerrard. Suffice to say that we need to book up unless we fancy flying home early - and I think Lampard/Owen might as well come home now!

After the game, my wife and I went and stayed at Waterton Park Hotel, in Walton, Wakefield - a picturesque Georgian mansion where we got married, 10 years hence. We had a meal (which was ok) and a few drinks before I dusted off my gymnastic moves ;-) It was a nice break - and one of the few times we've been away without the kids in 9 years, so it was very relaxing.

On top of that we had some great news concerning a Team17 project, hearing it had passed a "greenlight" meeting in the USA, which means it's a go-er... I can't talk about it right now, but we're very excited.

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