Sunday, June 11, 2006

Feeling hot hot hot...

It's 11pm and I'm sat out on my deck in the garden, having watched most of today's World Cup games on the TV that I've set up outside. It's still very warm and earlier today it was really hot - almost too hot to do too much. In fact, we've had a fantastic long weekend of great weather and we've really tried to make the most of it.

On Friday we had our neighbours around and sat out drinking until around midnight - and included a bit of a barney with our mad, whippy-haired neighbour. We also played a few games and enjoyed "Snatch" where Katrina always seems to get Turettes syndrome whilst playing - and as a result usually wins.

Saturday (and the day of the England match) we were going to a friends son's party - skillfully arranged for 2pm-4pm (the time of the game!) so I was fretting a little bit about missing the match. Actually I hadn't been very well all morning and nearly didn't go, but bucked up a little bit and decided to go in the end, when I'd eventually got out of the toilet.

The match itself was a bit of an anti-climax in itself, although it started really well, with England going 1-up after a couple of minutes - and it seemed that England would cruise it. However, as is now tradition, England faded, especially in the second half and the last 10 minutes or so were a little dodgy, but we hung on for a good 3pts, especially as Sweden drew later on.

The party ended at 4pm for the kids, at which point the adults took over. We left at about 11pm and we were pretty drunk - we'd had a bit of a laugh at old photos of Simon where he either looked like a cheap Magnum PI (with bad 'tash) or failing that, looking like Brian Potter (the wheelchaired cretin in Phoenix Nights).

On Sunday I decided to go get a small tent, we've been talking about getting one for a while since Jack and Harry really fancy the idea. I went to a camping place not too far away and came away with what I considered was a very good buy (about £40 for a good quality tent). It was a doddle to set up and the kids were playing in it for most of the day. Katrina had bought a small paddling pool (she got the best bargain since it was only £5) and Harry made the most of that on what was a scorching hot day. I also set up the TV on my outdoor table at the bottom of the garden, added my fan (soon to be heading into the bedroom) - and also set up the Pool table on the decking and spent quite some time playing Pool and Snooker with the kids.

There's another interesting week ahead - we've got some high profile visitors for what could be a major project, I'm out in Manchester seeing some developer friends we hope to be working with and on thursday it's the 2nd England match (against Trinidad) and er, also my 10th wedding anniversary and we're going out after the game to stay at the same hotel we had our wedding reception at - the 10yrs have flown by, I remember it like it was yesterday despite being fairly tipsy at the end of it...

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