Tuesday, July 11, 2006

B-righton Time

Just back from a weekend in London, in which we didnt do too much in the capital itself since it was so jam-packed with tourists (ourselves included) save for take a river trip, have a gawp at HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge & the Tower of London as well as have a meal at the Rainforest Cafe.

We did have a trip to Legoland on Sunday and as ever, the kids really enjoyed that - picking up a set of armour and soundfx swords and shields along the way - you can only imagine what fun that was for them - and us.

Monday was spent travelling back since I'd left the car parked at Luton parkway just off the motorway (such was the traffic madness on Saturday) and we'd made our way into London (and then onto Slough/Windsor) by train.

I'm now preparing to leave for the develop conference in Brighton this week where I'm due to catch up with a fair amount of games industry people and also take part in a charity poker game on Thursday night. I'll be back Friday, hopefully with a smile on mine and a charity's face.

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