Monday, July 03, 2006

Back in blighty

We arrived back from Vegas safe and sound, with Pilot Marsden making a much better fist of the Manchester landing than he had done on the outbound trip a few days hence. As usual I managed to get little sleep and as a result have spent most of the day having small dozes, I hope to get a good night tonight despite the fact that it's super-humid in the UK right now, with temperatures around 30deg - which would seem very hot had I not come back from Vegas where it was 44.

I bought the kids some little star wars figures (which included an AT-AT) and Harry a Superman since the new film is all the rage, they went down a storm.

There's no let up in the office, with a lot of stuff to do, so I'll be cracking on with that tomorrow - hopefully finding time to get my T17 PSP reg plates sorted out on the car.

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