Thursday, July 20, 2006


For the first time in weeks I can see proper clouds. It might even rain - good lord!

Hopefully we'll see a bit of a temperature drop because it's just been too damn hot, especially at night - and we're not even considering the heat when some little gets are torching my fence.

On that note, I've been doing a bit of sleuth work and I believe (having spoken to neighbours) I know who the culprits are... so I'll be keeping my eye out for them.

Some good news this morning that a good old mate (who i've not seen in a while) is coming over from Australia for a short while, it'll be brilliant to see him again and so it might mean a "wet" Sunday.

I think it also means I might not be able to make the fancy dress party Saturday... never mind, I'll keep the vicar's uniform on standby.

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