Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Feeling the heat (Part 2)

I left work early to go and join some friends who are the heads of another local (and fairly well known local games studio) for a drink and a bite as we hadn't done it for a while... and half way through I get a call from the office to say my bloody garden is on fire!

However, dashing home from the centre of Leeds is not great at 6pm and it took me half an hour to get home and found out that some little bastards had set a small section of the little kids playground I'm next to on fire.

The fire brigade were called and fortunately the fire was stopped before it reached either my decking or my electric box. A close shave. Now I've got to chase up all the relevent council types to ensure this doesn't happen again - what a nightmare.

And all this on the hottest (quite ironic) day of the year so far.

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