Friday, July 14, 2006

Where to start...

So, Brighton then.

Not sure where I should start.

Key phrases from the expedition are;

"the dirty bistards"
"you mad bitch, you can get 4 in the back of a jag if one of them is tied up and gagged"
"40 bones in your head, are you mad - just how many do you need?"
(anon person reaching over to get a peshwari nan) "do you shave your balls?"

Yes, had a great time. Getting stalked by a female fruit-cake who I honestly genuinely called "a fella" in an accident, was a first.

We didnt win our award thing, and I ducked out of the industry poker tourney early, but it was clearly no fun when no-one laughed at the comment about 2 queens on the first flop.

Work wise it was very productive, I suppose :)

..and bear's got my posh set of dice... but he could do with the practice.

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