Sunday, July 16, 2006

Groggy weekend

I've spent much of the weekend feeling a bit crap again, but I reckon I've only my excesses in Brighton to blame really - rather than anything to do with my diabetes, although I admit I'm my own worst enemy from time to time with respect to what I should be intaking. I haven't really done too much other than a few chores and lounged around feeling sorry for myself and playing Big Brain Academy on the DS (despite my daft behaviour, I'm doing quite well).

I'm actually looking forward to a couple of weeks with little travel involved as there are a bunch of things I need to crack on with at work and home, it really does feel like I've not stopped still in a while.

Busy week ahead and the delights of taking Harry to his 2nd party of the weekend tomorrow - thats one of the problems with having kids, their social lives tend to dominate the whole weekend (activities, friends, parties) and we skirt around those plans really. We'd been hoping to sort out a bbq for friends and family, but to no avail, our weekends are booked up for a number of weeks.

I'm busy myself next weekend, with a trip up to Harrogate/Ripley next friday (there's a concert with a band covering Pink Floyd) and then out on Saturday with a good friend and colleague who's having his 40th; which is fancy dress and I've got to decide what to go as yet, I guess it'll depend on the mood - and I'll try and prevent myself from going as a vicar, but I know that'll probably happen...

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