Monday, July 17, 2006

Cava Chameleon

There I was, wondering why on earth we don't tend to get around to having BBQ's very often.

"Bugger it" we thought, lovely summer's day, we'll do it - and after a fairly hectic day running about here, there and everywhere - punctuated as per bloody usual by a kid's party (this time at Middleton light railway) we kicked off the BBQ about 4pm.

I stood cooking for about an hour and abit, in temperatures too harsh for mankind, stoked up by the heat from the barbie itself and we decided to open one of the 6 bottles of Cava we'd bought (for special occasions) earlier in the day.

Suffice to say that at 2am, all 6 bottles had gone (has had a quantity of beer and some of the nice red wine) and Singstar was blasting out.

Everything is a bit hazy today, but everyone is still alive, so I didn't undercook the food.

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