Saturday, August 05, 2006

All (g)in...

Poker night went brilliant, ten of us fairly crowded around the table in the Oldham suite, drinks flowing and great cards. At least they were great cards for everyone else, but not for me, save one Full House that I enjoyed... the best hand I had was the one that kept grabbing the Bombay Sapphire Gin.. suffice to say that I went "all in" on the gin and ended fairly "relaxed".

Colin eventually won the poker (as is the norm) although he'd battled back from bare bones and deserved it. Billy Baldwin came second and I think it was probably the highest pot we've ever had - so nice one lads.

We ended up in a curry house and then in a pub til about 3am... usual story then and about 8 team17'ers rolling around town - not a pretty sight.

Today is the start of the championship season and Leeds are currently 1-0 up courtesy of a Healy penalty. I hope they manage to hang on since it sounds like they're second best - as ever!

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