Friday, August 04, 2006

Texas night

Tonight we're having the first Texas-Hold'em evening at Team17 since probably Christmas (which I conveniently won) and its about time, since we just didnt find the time to play when we were actually in Las Vegas.

Our evenings are generally really good fun (win or lose) and I think the 8 or 10 people involved are all really looking forward to it, even if one or two of them take it a mite too seriously, lucky rocks and all...

This is the first time I've played since I lost playing at the games industry charity poker event which I lost holding an Ace & an 8 with two 8's on the flop. I went all in, to only find another guy do the same holding a King & an 8. The River (last card) was a King and meant he got a full house and I lost - the only possible card he could have got to beat me, with 8 other players and about 20 cards out of the pack dead - it was very long odds. Had I won that, I'm sure I could have gone on to do very well in the tournament given the chips I'd have had.

Tonight it'll be a little more relaxed and light hearted than the serious undertones of the Ocean Rooms in Brighton, there'll be some blues, some drinks and a much more tongue-in-cheek air to it all - at least until it gets to the final 3 or 4 players (1st player wins 75% of the pot, the runner up wins 25%, third gets nothing). We also play in "The Oldham Suite" which is Jon Oldham's old office, now converted (when it's not being used for interviews or conference calls) into a Poker room...

Let's hope I have the run of the cards - or unless you're reading and playing with me, maybe not eh!

Before all that I've got to take the kids to the dentist (always some kind of fun there) as well as get seen myself. The kids are on holiday now and as you'd expect, the weather has been unsettled as we apparently prepare for another heat-wave - lets hope not quite as hot & uncomfortable as the one that's just gone by.

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