Thursday, August 03, 2006

Crazy little Angel eyes

Had a good day out in London yesterday, quite funny how it ended, with my usually well-behaved MD tottering down from Angle tube station and down Pentonville road on the way back to Kings Cross, glazen eyed and grinning, discussing how crap London was - after only hours earlier expressing a long-vested interest of living in the capital.

We spent a fair bit of time in "The Elk in The Wood" a great eatery/pub which is in Camden Passage, one row back from the East side of Upper Street, Islington - just opposite the Business Design Centre, once the venue of the ECTS (European Computer Trade Show) which no longer really exists as the whole industry swarms to Leipzig in former Eastern Germany every August.

My mate Miles popped out for a couple of drinks and it was good to see the bugger again - we'd also had a good days business chat and it was nice to top it off with a few drinkies (mostly Gin, with a couple of Magners for good behavior).

We popped into a "Contemporary Pub" near Angel tube and it was £10 for two drinks... I mean chuff-a-duck, no-wonder people hate the capital as the prices were as awful as the ambiance... we soon scooted off to an O'Neils via Pentonville Rd and had a bite to eat before boarding the 9.30pm "Carling Express" back to Wakefield (the 11.30 is the much vaunted "Stella Express" which almost always ends in tears).

Got back safely apart from almost having a fight with a bloke in our carriage over the volume of the Nintendo DS that Mick was playing... and I enjoyed GNER's infamous "Slow-band" connection all the way back up. This included checking some mad web-site that Mick follows where it suggests there will be a Nuke in New York this weekend and it's some kind of prophecy - the fact that they've already called this wrong 7 times already is apparently a prophecy in itself - so steel yourselves for a weekend of nothing or wall to wall CNN and outrage.

Mind you, if they're right, then it's about 1 year to the "End of Times".

The mad gets, that film was out years ago...

So as I don't end on a humdinger like that, I also managed to download maps for Germany and the Czech Republic for my TomTom, which is really cool - last year we got very lost and ended up by the side of a river looking for a bridge which had apparently been blown up in the war, so we ended up on a right old goose chase. This year, we'll have the dulcett, expletive tones of Ozzie Osbourne to drive us round Prague, the Czech Republic, over the border and onto Markenstad, which is 3-4km west of Leipzig.

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