Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Off to London

Well, my seemingly record spell in the office halts to a close today as I'm off to London on business with the other directors here at Team17. We're not back until late, so it seems I'll squeeze a couple of cheeky beers in here or there.

E3 wise, things look pretty doomed from what I've read and the event will now be in July rather than May. Still, that does stop all the mad panic around March & April whilst people (mainly developers) try and get previews of their christmas releases ready.


Danny B said...

Hope you enjoyed yourself!

I bet beer is expensive over there!

Your site looks like a site for a posh old hotel or a pub with a food menu if that helps?

Thats ok!!


Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

LOL. Yeah it was £9.30 for a pint of Tetleys and a G&T. Mick nearly had a dickie fit.

Thanks for the art tip, Venison I presume, sir? Although saying that I reckon you'd settle for pie.