Monday, August 21, 2006

Germany awaits...

Well, the trip to Germany has arrived and we leave in the morning. I can't believe I've had so much time in the office, but at least it seems like quite a bit has been accomplished and we've moved on a number of deals and stuff in the office.

There's a group of us travelling tomorrow, so that should be fun; Kilburn, Bry Reynolds (after last years Yagermeister-fueled fun, I'm looking forward to his nonsense again) and Craig from Game Republic. We fly to Prague from Leeds and then pick up a car and drive the 130miles or so to Leipzig... usually via Colditz if we can.

We'll spend 3 nights in Leipzig (which is a great town) including 2 full days at the Game Convention business centre, 3 nights out (including 2 parties, as ever) then travel back to Prague on Friday and have a night there before coming home on Saturday.

I'll try and take some photo's this time - disaster permitting.

After I get back, it's the bank holiday and then I've got 4 days off, to hopefully get a lot of jobs done around the house I've been putting off doing for some time, including attacking my mess of a garage and getting shut of all the junk and old kids' toys down the side of the house.

There's also the small matter of the T17 summer party to confirm too, which should be going on in Leeds on Sat 1st September...

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