Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mame Frame

I managed to get a print of the Pac-Man cocktail artwork (courtesy of Rob) and it's now safely under the glass of the cabinet, it looks a lot better for it too :)

All I need now are a couple of stools - my footrest/seat/storage box is just a few inches too short really and you tend to get back-ache unless you're comfortable.

I've also configured the PC and the mame front-end so everything works and is neat and tidy now - the games list only shows favourites and not several thousand mame roms & clones of the obscure Japanese titles.

Work-wise we've decided to have a summer party and it'll most likely be in York and on a boat - we've had a couple of boat parties a few years back and they've always been top notch. It's been a while since we had a big summer bash, but with things going well business wise, it's good to be able to celebrate. With so many new faces in the office of late, it'll be good for them to get to know us too.

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