Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Six months too bloody late?

Half-time in Englands first much since the bitterly disappointing World Cup in Germany and we're 4-0 up against the current European Champions (Greece) and looking like a balanced, motivated and focused side. God forbid what we'd have done in Germany had this happened six months earlier!

Out in Germany we just never looked committed or enthusiastic, balanced or up for it. Tonight we look very different. I must admit that I wasn't totally enthused when McClaren was nominated manager, but as long as he can keep the team this balanced then good for him. Having said that, I think he's only playing a team that most would pick - but that's being a tad harsh as having the balls to drop Beckham was a good move, although doing anything else would have caused a lot of derision up and down the country.

Let's hope the same can be said for not only the second half, but the looming Euro qualifiers!

Edit later:

Well, it ended up 4-0 after full time, with Greece pegging us back somewhat. There was a multiple changes to the team but I think there's genuine reason to have at least a modicum of confidence going into the European qualifiers.

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