Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A tale of two cities

Went out and about in both York and Leeds with the family today, using one of my days off to chill a little. I was still a little happy from the previous night's cider until about 1pm, before a very nasty hangover hit. Problem was that I'd just got to the top (I mean right on top, up the balcony) of Clifford's Tower in York - and I suddenly felt very nauseaus and had to get down very quickly.

I foolishly also introduced Jack to the wonders of "Forbidden Planet" a store in Leeds that sells all kinds of Star Wars stuff, cool stuff, film stuff... it's now his favourite shop and will no doubt want to return every other week.

We're also toying with the idea of getting a dog. I'm not sure if we will yet, I quite fancy a Pug, which I'd like to call Jeff. I don't want something big, hairy, farty or whatever - just something with a good character - i'm still not sure it's too much responsibility or whatever yet, we already have 3 cats and they pretty much look after themselves.

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