Friday, September 08, 2006

Curry in a bucket

I ended up in the University area of Sheffield last night, quite busy, if a little frayed at the edges. I went for a curry with Bry Reynolds and we chose "Nirmals" which is named after the Indian owner, a vast grinning Indian woman covered in a bright Sari the size of a ten-man tent.

She didn't look best pleased when I asked for my favourite dish, the Chicken-Keema balti... "Vee hav no Keema here". She still didn't look best pleased when I persisted with the Lamb + chicken in a balti dish request but eventually agreed.

It was only later I spotted a framed newspaper article on the wall, which was a local rag that had interviewed her (a local personality it seems) who upon being asked about Balti's said "Vee don't serve curry in a bucket". It appears that there is great rivalry between restaurants, especially those of Indian or Pakistan origin and hence no Balti/Keema at the Indian place. I know which is which now, since the Indian places usually give you a little plate of liquorice stuff to ease the breath, whereas the other places don't.

Meanwhile, if you don't mind Nirmal, I bloody will have my "curry in a bucket" with Keema, if you don't mind.

Oh and your "Nirmal" sign looks like it says "Criminal" :-)

Apparently all kinds of celebrities have enjoyed Nirmals - so here's a picture of Nirmal with the very famous "entertainer" Les Dennis for your delight.

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