Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Great Escape!

Picture the scene, it's 19-45 and a searchlight flickers across the grass and up across the fence... an escapee on the run! However, get any thought of Steve McQueen out of your mind, it's Herbie who's got out, under the fence and made a run for the children's playground. Fortunately I manage to wrestle control of the blighter and by 20-05 he's back in solitary.

Otherwise another quiet day, mainly because I'm so tired due to being awoken every 10-15mins in the night by Sid, our little black cat who insisted on tapping my face/nose for attention. I eventually mustered enough energy to get out of bed and put her out into the early morning mist.

When I eventually got up for real (letting the cat out at 4:30am doesn't count) there was a lot of moisture in the air and all the cobwebs in the fencing and decking were "lit" - Harry came out and gazed at them for ages. There wasnt as quite as many as last year (which we declared "World wide web day") but it was still very cool.

The summer is also back, it's very sunny and quite warm (23-24deg) with it set to warm up even further. We had a crappy August but we mustn't grumble given the rest of the great weather we enjoyed in May, June and July - a proper bloody summer! It was just a pain that the weather was crap when the kids were on holiday.

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