Saturday, September 02, 2006

T17 Party aftermath

I think everyone really enjoyed the bash at Tiger Tiger last night. There was loads of Karaoke and even I got in on the act once I'd had sufficient Black Russians - I think I did about half a dozen numbers whilst fending a drunk Jamie off in the later ones!

Dunstan was the best, belting out a powerful version of "Here we go again" (Whitesnake) and Phil Brown also knocked a few out - the big daft sod.

The event passed off without major stories other than Pol Sigurson being like a Rotweiler at the door keeping out gatecrashers and there was a bit of handbags at the end which was quickly sorted.

Unfortunately (and no doubt to Kilburn's delight) I left my wallet there, which is causing considerable annoyance and no amount of hassle this morning. But there were no wheelchairs or anything bad to discuss this morning - and it was great to see everyone in such really high spirits last night.

This morning I took Harry to his football session and got totally soaked (as did he) and Herbie continues to make a mess of the house. God knows what Jack is up to, he's at scout camp, probably sheltering from the rain.

England kick off the European Championship qualifiers later today agains the mighty Andorra (yes, those gypsies who sell contraband in the Pyranees) - lets hope they can knock at least five in against what must be the equivalent of a pub team.


Kilburn said...

I'm saying absolutely nothing.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

This is now a case of perception becoming reality. You've banged on about me losing stuff so long and hard, it's actually happening on a regular basis. This is the first time I've ever lost my wallet though and amazingly enough only ever got it out once, to sort the bar out. I've either been Reynold's (knicked/robbed) or it's fallen out of my arse-pocket and is down the back of a sofa somewhere.

It'll obviously turn up when I've cancelled and reapplied for everything.

Kilburn said...

E3 2005, queue to the plane. Wallet on floor in airport terminal somewhere. Just cos some woman recognised you and found you to give it back, it's still classed as a loss.

Perception and reality my arse.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

Thats a dropped wallet! Nothing lost abou t it. Admittely it was almost lost.